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6 Benefits of Teaching Abroad

March 07, 2017

Thinking about teaching abroad? You’re not alone. Thousands of educators ponder the idea of packing their things, jumping on a plane, and moving to another country to educate the youth of our future, while gaining a wealth of knowledge themselves by diving into a world unknown to them every day. Teaching abroad is an extremely rewarding and unique experience- no matter what country you choose to teach. Not convinced just yet?

Here are 6 reasons why you should consider teaching abroad:

Experience a different culture
Living abroad full time allows for educators to fully immerse themselves into a whole new culture. Unlike the typical traveler who only gets to explore a country for a week or two, teachers typically spend upwards to one to two years in their host country. They are able to learn what their society is like, experience their cuisines, languages, religions, arts and entertainment- you name it!

Financial freedom- paid to live, work, and explore
Sure, your home country may pay you a decent salary; you can pay for an overpriced apartment or even own your own home. Live the corporate lifestyle of the standard 9-5 Monday through Friday worker, or you can experience financial freedom overseas! Overseas teachers earning a generous tax-free salary find that with housing and utilities generally provided by their employer, they can get ahead with paying off their student debt and setting themselves up for future financial security. And, depending on the institution, many will even reimburse you for your flight there and back. That sounds like a no-brainer to us! On the weekends and during holiday, hop on a quick plane, train, or ferry and go explore your neighboring lands!

Experience and exposure for resume
More and more corporations and companies worldwide seek individuals who have international experience and can speak and communicate in more than one language. Teaching abroad puts you a level above everyone else. Not only do you gain the experience of living and working in another county, but it shows you are willing to step outside your comfort zone and really go the extra mile, take on new challenges and learn and grow from them. The exposure and experience is truly invaluable.

Endless opportunities
The need for educators abroad is climbing and we don’t expect it to slow down anytime soon. If you are looking to teach in various different countries throughout your career- you are in the right market. Spend 2 years teaching in Dubai, spend another 2 years teaching in Korea, spend a year in Spain. Where ever your heart desires, we are sure that there are opportunities for you everywhere.

Make new connections
Leaving family and friends behind isn’t the easiest thing to do. But, making new family and friends abroad is. You join hundreds of colleagues, friends, some, which may have turned locals, all who were once in the same boat as you. They open you into their life with open arms and the collaborative environment of typical of overseas institutions leads to easy friendships and lifelong memories!

Make a difference in lives of others
What is more rewarding than that? Moving to another country to teach children is very special. You are able to share your wealth of knowledge and pass it along to future generations. Without your expertise, most of the students would never have received the level of education you provided them in a normal, everyday school. You help them achieve their goals whether it’s excelling in their academics, helping them become a better athlete, teaching them a new skill that they can bring home and share with their friends and families etc. You truly leave a mark and everlasting impression on your students, peers, and friends.

Sold on the idea of teaching abroad? Contact us to learn about our featured opportunities and start your international teaching career today!

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