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Teaching in the Middle East: Facts and Figures

March 29, 2017

Teaching abroad isn’t anything new. Educators have been teaching international for years now, but, the Middle East is starting to peak more and more interest in today’s educators. Sure, teaching in China, Spain, Italy, Thailand has it’s perks, but who says the Middle East doesn’t? If anything, it may have more perks than the ones listed above. Take it from some of IEPA’s own:


Arguably, one of the greatest features of teaching in the Middle East is the tax free salaries. In addition to this, most education facilities will also furnish your apartment/living arrangements for you, pay for your utilities, sponsor your visa, reimburse you for your flights to and from the host country, provide you with medical insurance, and provide you with a transportation allowance in your first few months of teaching. Sounds like a pretty good deal if you ask me!


Culturally, the Middle East is full of rich experiences in any of their countries. It boasts warm weather and sunny days almost 365 days a year. Exploring the beautiful coastlines, mountainous sand dunes and breath-taking desert canyons is truly irresistible. They have an array of major international sporting events each year and tickets are very cheap by Western standards. Enjoy the likes of what you may be used to back at home including bowling, hiking, camping, sky diving, jet skiing, spas, shopping and more. While the Gulf Region has its own long and rich tradition of produce and food, if you’re a foodie then you’ll be impressed with the outstanding restaurants on offer across the city. Although it’s not quite London or Berlin, there’s also a surprisingly good nightlife scene here and if you need some pork or alcohol for your flat it is possible!


You don’t have to teach ESL (English as Second Language) there. The Gulf Region has a large number of schools that provide their students with full range curriculum. Many are international schools that boast various curricula including those of the US, UK, Australian, and International Baccalaurate, all of which teach subjects in the English language. Sure, the students are locals of the host country and English is not their first language, it is expected that they learn nearly all subjects including Math, Science, Art,  English, Physical Education (PE). This actually puts educators who do not have a TEFL certification at an advantage as most international schools simply require a college degree in education (much the same back as back in the US).

Summer holiday is really a thing. You can travel to neighboring locations while school is out of session. Most schools will give you summer holiday with pay- typically up to 65 days. This is a huge perk for those who live to travel. The middle east is a travel hub for those who are interested in visiting African and Asian countries. Explore the likes of Nepal, Kenya, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Istanbul, Thailand etc. Or, if you haven’t explored the European lands, that’s a quick trip away as well.


Using a recruiting agency, such as IEPA, is a great way to find the job that is the perfect fit for you. Middle Eastern schools tend to lean on recruiters to fill vacancies. At this point, I’m sure you have googled and read up on mostly all the blogs that are out there pertaining to teaching in the gulf. Most recruiters have lived the middle eastern lifestyle one point or another and can shed some light on the differences between a western lifestyle versus one in the gulf region, the culture, what to expect and answer any personal questions you may have. They can also suggest different groups via social media and put you in contact with various other expats that are teaching abroad in the country currently or will also be planning on departing to teach around the same time, so you can make connections and get to know others even before stepping foot in your host country.

Teaching is one of the few professions where you can literally work your way around the world whilst developing professionally. Teaching abroad offers the opportunity for teachers to learn, grow and refresh themselves in their profession whilst teaching motivated children in exciting locations.

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