Fully-Vetted Candidates

Unlike some recruiting agencies, we use a stringent vetting process that ensures the quality of our candidates’ degrees from accredited programs. We call applicant references, and each candidate also undergoes a criminal background check.

As former educators ourselves, we know how important it is that candidates have staying power. So we educate our candidates about what to expect from life in the region, helping ensure that only the best-fit candidates make it through our screening process.







Our Process

We are actively engaged with educators including recent graduates and seasoned professionals; we travel extensively attending events and meeting face to face with qualified candidates.

  • Application: Candidates apply through our website or in person.
  • Interest Survey: We conduct a brief interview to determine their desired grade level, school location and interests.
  • Screening: We conduct reference checks and confirm the candidate’s credentials.
  • We introduce the candidate to suitable schools and become the mediator to arrange an interview between candidates and schools where we see a fit.
  • The candidate interviews with a school representative.
  • Schools may make an offer directly to the candidate, or through IEPA. 
  • Once the contract begins: After an initial period we conduct a follow-up, checking in either by phone, email, or site-visit, with employer and candidate to ensure everything is going smoothly.

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