About IEPA

International Educator Placement of America (IEPA) is a recruitment agency focused on matching qualified teachers from Western countries with positions at K-12 schools and colleges in the Gulf region. 

IEPA works with US-accredited schools in Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates. The professionals who founded IEPA have lived and worked in these countries, and we have a specific understanding of our clients’ needs and cultural values. 


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At IEPA, our aim is to bring a new level of caring, enthusiasm, and hands-on knowledge to the recruitment market. 

We accomplish this through thoughtful selection of candidates and a comprehensive follow-up process.  Each candidate must have a teaching degree from a qualifying university, and a clean criminal background record. During the interview process, we also discuss expectations with candidates so they can make realistic decisions.

Even after a candidate has been hired, IEPA continues to take an active interest in each individual’s success. Several weeks into the contract, we follow up with the school and teacher to make sure everything is in order and going smoothly. We value our relationships with our clients – both schools and candidates – and we rely on communication and mutual respect to maintain those relationships.

If you represent a Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) school, you can learn more about working with IEPA here. Candidates can read about the benefits of working at a GCC school here.