What to Expect

Teaching internationally is a great way to develop your professional skills while learning about other cultures and traditions. The collaborative environment typical of overseas institutions leads to easy friendships and team building with colleagues.

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Your Classroom

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Local and International Students

Your students may be local nationals, or a mix of nationalities, including Westerners and other international students.

Academic Excellence

All our positions are at US-accredited, internationally recognized schools. Many of these schools are academically rigorous, placing a high value on student achievement.

Life in the Gulf

You will find that life in the Gulf is safe, modern, and often fun. Working as an international teacher at a respected local school, you’ll enjoy a cosmopolitan lifestyle complete with cafes, restaurants, and excursions.

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Easy Holiday Travel

For educators who want to venture outside of the country, ample holidays mean there is plenty of opportunity to travel and see the world. Based in the Gulf, our international teachers  find it a relatively easy hop to explore an exciting area of the world from Greece to Morocco to Sri Lanka.


Save Money & Repay Student Loans

Housing and many other expenses are generally included as perks of teaching internationally. Housing varies among schools, but with most of our positions you can expect your own single occupancy, one-bedroom apartment.

International teachers earning a generous tax-free salary find that with housing and utilities provided by their employer, they can get ahead with paying off their student debt and setting themselves up for future financial security.







Getting Started

Jobs For Teachers in UAE

The hiring process at IEPA is fairly simple:

  1. Apply through our website.
  2. We’ll contact you to conduct a short interview, asking about your interests and expertise to determine the ideal grade level and school location.
  3. We’ll conduct reference checks and confirm your credentials. The majority of international schools will require that you have at least a Bachelor’s degree, with additional credentials, depending on the school. Requirements
  4. We’ll introduce you to suitable schools and help arrange your interview.
  5. You’ll interview with a school representative.
  6. If it goes well, the school may contact you through IEPA or directly to offer you a job.
  7. After you accept the position and begin work, we’ll connect again by phone, email, or on-site personal visit to make sure everything is going well.

Let's Begin