Your Life in the Gulf

The Gulf States in which IEPA chooses to operate offer a modern and culturally stimulating setting to jumpstart your teaching career.

Each nation is distinct in character and you will have much to discover as you begin to research them. Here’s a great place to begin.

Teaching in the United Arab Emirates

Dubai is at the heart of the United Arab Emirates - a popular vacation destination for educators and tourists all over the region.

It is a stunnying, beautiful city with a cosmopolitan feel and a Westernized lifestyle, featuring world class restaurants, bars and clubs.

There are many private schools and teaching opportunities in Dubai.

The city is a global travel hub. From here, you are only a short hop on a direct flight to the global capitols of Europe, Southeast Asia, and beyond.


Teaching in Kuwait

Educators in Kuwait find themselves based in a stimulating and diverse, rapidly developing country. Although alcohol is not permitted, the increasingly cosmopolitan lifestyle, combined with a truly open-minded culture, means that as you walk down the street you'll encounter a charming mix of burquas, tank tops and miniskirts. There's amazing shopping and world class cuisine.

With the most liberal holiday schedule in the gulf, educators in Kuwait have lots of time to travel. Since Kuwait is a major travel hub you're never far from an exciting global resort or destination.

A coastal nation on the Persian Gulf, Kuwait is known across the region for its stunning, white sandy beaches and turquoise waters.







Teaching in Oman

Located on the Indian Ocean, beautiful Oman is home to stunning mountains and lush greenery.

Rich with history, Oman offers international educators a true cultural experience. This small nation features a friendly and hospitable local culture, peaceful living, fishing and swimming, and a great cost of living.

And when you feel the call of adventure or the big city, the international shopping and travel hub of Dubai is only a drive away.

photo by Matteo Russo on flickr





Teaching in Qatar

Qatar is hosting the World Cup in 2020. In part due to this influx of energy, the country is undergoing transformation into a bustling hub of culture and activity.

Along with this, the nation is experiencing a booming education sector. Some of the world's most exclusive world-class private schools are now located here, and the country has recently seen the launch of new sattelite campuses from private institutions such as Carnegie Mellon University and many others.

With deep roots in a traditional culture, Qatar is a place where single women live comfortably, safe and secure. It is a clean and beautiful country, located on the Persian Gulf, with turquoise waters and beaches of white sand. It's increasingly known as a home to world class restaurants, and Gordon Ramsey has just opened a restaurant here.

As the home of the world class Qatar Airways, it's also a convenient travel hub to the capitols of Europe, the sites of Southeast Asia, and beyond.






Teaching in Bahrain

Bahrain is a diverse network of islands ranging from the big cities, such as Manama, to coastal communities with a charming, small-town feel.

The kingdom offers delicious food and a great night life, and alcohol is permitted.

Bahrain hosts a Formula One racetrack, and has the fastest growing economy in the region. Tourists from all over the Gulf shop in Manama's malls, and enjoy recreation and scuba diving on its beaches.


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IEPA was founded by  professional recruiters with many years of experience working in the Gulf countries (GCC). We travel regularly between the West and in the Gulf. We understand the culture, and we excel at matching talented teachers with the right US accredited schools in this region.

Our goal is to find the right job for every candidate, and the best candidate for every job.

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